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1-2500L Smart Liquid Filling Machine

1-2500L Smart Liquid Filling Machine


Are You Looking For Top Quality 1-2500L Liquid Filling Machine Manufacturer?

  • We Are A Leading Manufacturer In Liquid Filling Machine Industry
  • One-Stop Solution(From Designing, Manufacturing, Installation, Training, Remote Assistance To Maintenance)
  • Customized Turnkey Solutions For Your Filling Project
  • Sold 1000 Sets Of Liquid Filling Machine In Last Few Years
  • 1000+ Happy Customers Worldwide
  • Shipped To Over 30+ Countries
  • Get Quote In 12 Hours
  • We Can Deliver Within 45 Days To Meet Your Needs

Get a free consultation on your liquid filing solution and discover how to guarantee your workers’ safety and filling productivity. Gain an advantage with our expert advice.

We are committed to designing and manufacturing the liquid filling machine that better adapts to the requirement of your liquid filling process and products

Here are some of the key features and benefits of our liquid filling machines:

  • High-speed filling: Our machines are capable of filling up to 60 containers per hour, reducing production time and increasing efficiency.
  • Precision filling: Our machines are equipped with advanced technology that ensures accurate and consistent filling, minimizing the risk of over-filling or under-filling.
  • Enhanced safety – our machines feature advanced safety protocols and features to protect your employees and products from harm.
  • Customizable filling options: Our machines can be customized to fill a wide range of container sizes and shapes, making them versatile and adaptable to your business needs.
  • User-friendly interface: Our machines are designed with an easy-to-use interface, reducing the learning curve for operators and improving user experience.
  • Easy to maintain: Our machines are built with high-quality materials, making them easy to maintain and reducing the likelihood of breakdowns and downtime.

Turnkey Solution For 1-2500L Liquid Chemicals, Petrochemical, Food Products Filling



Why is GSS® Liquid Filling Machine Trusted by 1000+ Importers? 


GSS® is committed to designing and manufacturing 1-2500L liquid filling machines for over 20+ years.


  Safety & Highly Productivity.     

  One-stop Solution/turnkey solution.                   

 100% Customization. 

 Factory price, No middleman.   

 With CE RoHS ISO9001 EMC PCEC... Approved. 

 Excellent service.


Our company can customize the design and manufacture of suitable machines according to customer needs, which are simple semi-automatic, semi-automatic and full automatic liquid filling machines for choice.


1、Simple Semiautomatic

  • Manual container moving
  • Manual alignment of the filling lance and the bunghole
  • Automatic filling

Up to 50 Drums/Hour
Up to 10 IBC/Hour
Up to 100 Jerrycans/Hour



  • Automatic container moving
  • Manual alignment of the filling lance and the bunghole
  • Automatic filling

Up to 60 Drums/Hour
Up to 12 IBC/Hour
Up to 150 Jerrycans/Hour


3、Full Automatic

  • Automatic container moving
  • Automatic alignment of the filling lance and the bunghole
  • Automatic filling

Up to 100 Drums/Hour
Up to 15 IBC/Hour
Up to 800 Jerrycans/Hour



200-1500 L ► View detail 


50 Gallon ► View detail


1000-2500 L ► View detail


1-10 L ► View detail





10-30 L ► View detail


30-100 L ►  View detail




GSS® 1-2500L Liquid Filling Machine - Customized Solutions Expert


We offer a complete design plan and tailored services to help our clients stand out from the crowd and guarantee your workers’ safety and filling productivity.

--- As a professional smart liquid filling machines manufacturer and factory in China, Our liquid filling machine can fill 1-2500 L liquid chemicals, Petrochemical, Food & Agrifood Products such as:
General liquid filling: Bitumen Adhesive Paint Epoxy Resin Lubricant Thinner Ink Curing agent Toluene  Acetone Trimethyl ester Antifreeze Grease ...filling
Corrosive liquid filling: Sulfuric Acid Nitric Acid Hydrochloric Acid Lye ...filling
High Viscosity liquid filling: Coating Emulsion Butter Lotion ...filling
Foamable and static electricity liquid filling: Detergent Tetrahydrofuran Cyclopentane N-pentane Methyl acetate Methanol Formaula Butanediol Explosive Solvents ...filling
Some other liquid filling: Acrylic Acid  Diether Silane Phenol Paint Paste Solvent  Conductive Oil Hot Glue  Cool Glue Lactic Acid  Alcohol  Ethanol Diluent  Crude Oil Essence Flavour/Perfume Fragrance Spice/ Essence Phosphoric Acid Gear Oil Epoxy Resin Edible Oil  Polyurethane Corn Oil  Dyeing Auxiliaries ...filling
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 We Can Help You Take Your Company Liquid Products Filling Productivity To The Next Level 


We are professional smart liquid filling machine manufacturers in China with over 20 years of experience in helping the chemical industry, petrochemical industry, food and agrifood industry related companies develop and execute liquid products filling solutions to guarantee your workers’ safety and filling productivity.         



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