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Pre-sale service

Pre-sale service

1、Professional technician free consultation service


2、Filling packing design and solution service


3、Full automatic filling line designing and planning service


GSS Filling Machine 10 industry-leading features:

1. ● Whole-English operation interface, one-key operation

 ● Intelligent English operation guide and alarm prompt

 ● History record searching and immediately grasping the situation

 ● 7 inches super large LCD

 ● Competence of parameter protection

2. ● Professional design, explosion-proof type control box is made by the way of casting aluminum. In addition, explosion-proof grade is ExdIIBT5.

 ●Using thick tempered glass above the LCD. Therefore, it’s clear, intuitive, and never attrited.

 ●Large Schneider explosion-proof buttons are made of aluminum alloy, it’s hard like rocks.

 ●Gross weight/Net weight swap, empty barrel/ half-barrel filling concisely and quickly.

3. ●Professional filling guns are entire polytechnic manufacture that greatly prevent for leaking.

 ●Lift for filling gun going up and down is available, it’s suitable for various specifications of barrels.

 ●Dedicated cover for collecting gas, efficiently eliminate peculiar smell.

4. ● Scale platform with auto brake device, put an end to barrel mouth touches the filling gun, guaranteeing accuracy.

 ●Equipment with auto-brake device nearby locking cover area, concentrating filling and locking at the same time, greatly improving the efficiency of filling.

5.●Using with DCS system, realizing multi-machines work together, sharing about data and statistics, etc.

 ●Realizing manager handle the on-site work situation timely.

6.●Regulating in time if entering the fault value for large, medium, little value.  

 ●none of barrel in the scale platform, auto protection system for banning to fill.  

 ●Intelligent protection function to prevent the situation that barrels knock each other. Upon filling gun knocks barrel, the filling gun raise soon. i


7.●With large valve, small valve, and manual adjustable valve. What’s more, perfectly built up with professional filling gun.

 ●Fully display the smooth of controlling filling large, medium, and little amount, reaching the aim of fast speed and accuracy.

8.Static electricity connect with the ground

 ●The electricity clap which can penetrate coat and static electricity, combining with the intelligent system of device, perfectly achieving pre-alarming and pausing filling functions.

 ●Ensuring efficiently eliminating static electricity when equipment connect with ground, improving the safety of work environment.

9. Fixed amount to fill Nitrogen

 ●Efficiently preventing products oxidation, ensuring the quality of products.

 ●Efficiently decreasing the content of oxygen, fully reaching the aim of explosion-proof, highly improving the safety of work environment.

10. The line of filling

 ● Planning on site, efficiently using space, saving human resource, improving efficiency.

Filling gun categories and applying

1. Inner plug type -filling gun

Characteristics: pillar type that full flowing filling (With the device filling for Nitrogen so that decreasing products oxidation, and ensuring the quality.)

Suitable materials: Solvents, resins, curing agents, lubricants, diluents, inks, paints, detergents, edible oil, chemicals.

2. Outside plug type -filling gun

Characteristics: The valve in filling gun mouth designed into cone shape, material filling form is like umbrella shape to decrease impact and inhibit static electricity creation. (With the filling Nitrogen device can decrease products oxidation, ensuring the quality.)

Suitable materials: Solvents category and other easy-volatile liquid materials, such as Toluene, Acetone, Trimethyl ester and so on.

3. Long pipe type -filling gun

Characteristics: Start filling from the bottom of barrel, the form of filling is like  shape of umbrella to inhibit froth creation and prevent material overflow, it also can restrain static electricity creating when filling materials, with the filling Nitrogen equipment can hugely eliminate the hazard from explosive liquid filling.

Suitable materials: the liquid easy to create froth, low ignition liquid, and explosive liquid. As cleaning agent, tetrahydrofuran, cyclopentane, n-pentane, methyl acetate, explosive solvents



4. PTFE type -filling gun

Filling gun, the valves group and overcurrent tube adopt PTFE/UPVC antiseptic material.

Suitable materials: Strong corrosive liquid material, such as sulfuric acid, Nitric acid, hydrochloric acid ,etc.



5. large diameter type -filling gun

Characteristics: Diameter of filling gun opening is 60mm with large flow. The cover for bypass can be unloaded (we provide different diameter of the filling gun mouth for choosing) reducing the impact efficiently, also greatly inhibiting froth creation, and splashing material.

Suitable materials: Glue, paint, coat, etc.


6. Quick- dismantle type -filling gun

Characteristics: Quick-dismantle filling gun, it’s convenient to dismantle for cleaning. With blocked plate the design for gun pipe, it can connect with cleaning tube. So that reaching the aim of cleaning quickly.       

Suitable materials: spice, coating, and liquid materials.


7. Swing type -filling gun

Characteristics: Swing type filling gun. Adopting broad-scale turntable bearing and linear guide, it can around the column to move left or right, front or back. Totally suit for filling about 50GL 4 barrels and IBC ton barrel. With braking device for all directions, prevent the filling gun from touching barrel opening. This function makes fill much easier and more accurate, also beyond the industry normal standard.


4、others upon customer requirements