China International Coatings Exhibition in 2015

China Coatings Show 2015

The 20th China (Shanghai) International Paint Exhibition concluded successfully on November 18-20,2015. The scale of the exhibition increased from five pavilions to six pavilions in 2013, it attracted more than 1,080 exhibitors from 32 countries and regions. Promoted the industry technology exchange activities, understanding the challenges facing the industry, and strengthening the interpersonal network and industry awareness. Keep abreast of industry development trends and policy trends, and collect new technology, products and market information.

GSS® was invited to participate in this exhibition. During the exhibition period, we attracted many domestic and foreign customers to come to the exhibition booth to view the exhibition with warm and thoughtful service and professional product introduction of the industry, GSS® engineers and technical staff to participate in the exhibition for customers to design a reasonable production plan, the real customer service to solve the production problems for enterprises to reduce production costs and improve production efficiency solutions.

GSS® stuff in this session of the exhibition, we also win a lot of customers. First of all, we would like to thank all our regular customers and people in the industry for their continued support and trust. It is gratifying that more than 40 foreign customers are talking business with our company at this exhibition, involving Southeast Asia, Japan and many other countries in Europe, this marks our GSS® real-time export strategy, GSS® brand quantitative filling machine and automation by domestic and foreign customers and favor! Our products can already be comparable with foreign brands!


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