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Thefeaturesoftheliquidfillingmachine:1.Swingtypefillinggun,adoptingboard-scaleturntablebearingandlinearguide,itcanmovefrom lefttoright,fronttoback,totallysuitforfillingabout4barrels(200L)andIBCbarrel.

The features of the liquid filling machine:

1.Swing type filling gun,adopting board- scale turntable bearing and linearguide,it can move from  left to right,front to back,totally suit for filling about 4 barrels (200L)and IBC barrel.

2.The button of the pneumatic operation is very convenient,no safety concerns,with break devices for four directionsprevent the filling head touching barrel opening,make filling easier and more accurate,it also exceeds the industry normal standard.

3.Double scale platforms for anti-collision protect the load cellsthe quality is more rock-solid; The filling handle uses pneumatic type operation,it is more flexible.


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