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GAF-300 Automatic filling line with GSS product grade irrigation

Filling gun design, configuration of large and small ball valves and manual ball valve sets.

Fully demonstrate the large, medium, small and micro-control of filling operation in one time, achieve accurate and fast filling, no dripping, no splashing, no spillage. When the empty bucket is transported to the filling platform.

The system automatically detects the filling of the barrel mouth, which increases the efficiency of production while saving costs. GAF-300SM automatic filling line is a highly automated packaging equipment.

Its main function is to automatically fill the liquid material into a predetermined set weight. The GAF-300SM automatic filling line can effectively avoid material spillage during the filling process, and prevent the material itself from being polluted to a large extent, thus effectively protecting the operators.

The system works stably and reliably, the operation is simple, and the filling is accurate. The filling machine is mainly composed of a gun filling device and a PLC.

System control part, weighing system, filling platform, conveying equipment, etc

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