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The system adopts programmable PLC controller and full Chinese guiding operation, which is stable and reliable.

Automatic conveying,Automatic positioning,Automatic filling,automatic cover screw cap,automatic attach the label.

Grouting gun overall process production, to prevent dripping, anti-splash; quick release joint, easy to remove and wash

The target value is freely set, the height of the gun is adjustable, and it is suitable for fast filling of various specifications.

Configure the size of the ball valve group and double-stage filling gun, large, medium, small and micro four-stage filling design, filling more accurate.

The weighing platform is not allowed to be filled in barrels, and the differential pressure type zero-day collision barrel protection.

Net weight / gross weight (automatic peeling per barrel) automatic selection of two filling methods.

One-button operation, easy to use; multi-window display information such as filling volume, bucket number, cumulative amount, etc.

Self-contained fault detection function, easy to maintain, can be restored to factory settings by mistake.

Good stability, reduce loss, save cost, improve work efficiency, reduce manual operation pressure.




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