GAF-1000 Series Explosion-Proof Filling Machine– Long Nozzle Swing Arm

Applicable field:

Foaming and explosive liquid materials such as detergent, tetrahydrofuran, cyclopentene, N-pentane, methyl acetate and explosive solvent, etc.


Operation Process

Power on — Forklift put drums to weighing platform— Operate the handle of the filling gun, press the brake release button and left and right, front and back to align quickly— Release brake release button, filling gun tightly fixed—Press [START] button—Filling nozzles fall into bucket mouth— Auto tare deduction — Filling nozzle and ball valve set open — Large/medium/small flow control and three shifts filling — Filling nozzles follow liquid level to rise —Reach the target weight—Filling nozzles close automatically and rise outside bucket —Automatically repeat the next bucket(until 50GL four drums finish filling)—Finish filling.

Product Details:

Main Features:

  • Swingarm type filling gun, using large rotary disc bearing and linear slide rail, can be left and right, back and forth movement, fully suitable for 50GL four drums and IBC drums.
  • With the left and right disc brake and front and rear brake, prevent the filling gun from touching the barrel
  • mouth, making the filling simpler, more accurate, and beyond the industry.
  • Double-layer side impact type pound table, tight protection of the load yuan, quality firmer as a rock.
  • Pneumatic quick operating disc with filling gun handle makes operation more flexible and safer.

Main Parameter:

Power:AC110V~380V 50/60HZ 0.1kw;AC110V~380V 50/60HZ 0.2kw
Speed :10~20 bbl/Hr (Single Measuring);30~60 bbl/Hr (Dual Measuring)
Air:0.5~0.7 Mpa
Fill Range:100~1200kg
Fill Head Material:SUS304/316/PTFE (Optional)
Division:0.1kg/ 0.2kg
Ex Grade:ExdllBT6 (Optional)

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