GAF-300 series explosion-proof filling machine – three different materials filling

Applicable Materials:

General materials, such as coating, paint, resins, curing agents, lubricants, inks, edible
oil, chemicals, etc.

Operation Process

Operation Process: mouth – automatic peeling – the system automatically opens the filling nozzle and ball valve group – large, small and micro three-stage filling – reaching the target value -The filling nozzle automatically closes and rises out of the barrel – manually move barrel – waiting for the next barrel to be filled

Product Details:

Main Features:

Professional-grade filling head, made by the overall process, to prevent dripping and splashing;
Equipped with a multi-nozzle single weighing platform, which can be applied to filling a variety of
different materials, one-button operation, easy to use;
Automatic braking device on the weighing platform to prevent the barrel mouth from touching the filling
nozzle and affecting the filling accuracy.

Optional Configuration:

Automatic conveying / automatic positioning, port seeking / nitrogen filling device / feeding pump / filter /
gas collecting hood / other customizationPower on – (choose A / B / C nozzle) – manually put barrel on
the weighing platform for quick positioning – press the [Start] key – the filling nozzle is automatically
inserted into the barrel

Main parameters:

Power:AC110V~380V 50/60HZ 0.1kw;AC110V~380V 50/60HZ 0.2kw
Speed:30~60 bbl/Hr (Single Measuring);60~120 bbl/Hr (Dual Measuring)
Air:0.5~0.7 Mpa
Accuracy:≤0.05% F.S.
Fill Range:100~300kg
Fill Head Material: SUS304/316/PTFE (Optional)
Ex Grade:ExdllBT6 (Optional)

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