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Applicable materials: Short nozzle: general materials, such as coating, paint, resin, curing agent, lube, ink, thinner, edible oil and liquid chemicals, etc. Long nozzle: Foamable and explosive liquid materials. Such as detergent, tetrahydrofuran, cyclopentene

Finding the right filling machine and line for short nozzle or long nozzle operations can have an enormous impact on the efficiency of production. With the right equipment, materials such as coating, paint, resin, curing agent, lube, ink, thinner, edible oil and liquid chemicals can be filled with precision and accuracy. Additionally, foamable and explosive liquids such as detergent, tetrahydrofuran and cyclopentene can also be filled using appropriate machines and lines.

GSS-Smart Solutions for Cost-Effective Liquid Filling Systems

Are you searching for a reliable and cost-effective way to automate your liquid filling process? Look no further! Our advanced automated systems provide fast, accurate results and are capable of handling a variety of liquids, from thick and viscous liquids to volatile chemicals. These systems can help increase your productivity, reduce errors and save you time, money, and energy without sacrificing quality.

Select an Automatic Liquid Filling System That Suits Your Specific Needs-Liquid Filling Machine & Line

With over 20 years of experience in helping liquid filling clients to success, GSS is an expert in liquid filling machine manufacturing for the chemical industry, petrochemical industry, food and agrifood industry worldwide.

Selecting the right filling system for your process is essential to ensure maximum productivity, accuracy and cost efficiency. The type of liquid being filled will have a major impact on the choice of equipment — whether it’s for liquid chemicals and petrochemical products or food  — as there are different technologies available for each application. Consider what type of container you’re filling, the types of liquids,temperatures and viscosities, starting from small batches all the way up to large systems with thousands of gallons. With these factors in mind you can select an automatic liquid filling system that fits your specific needs.

GSS liquid filling machines can fill 0-2500L of any kind of liquid chemicals::

General Liquid——Adhesive Paint Resin Lubricant Thinner Ink Curing agent Toluene Acetone Trimethyl ester Antifreeze Grease …,

Corrosive Liquid——Sulfuric Acid Nitric Acid Hydrochloric Acid Lye …,

High Viscosity Liquid——Bitumen Coating Emulsion Butter Lotion …,

Foamable And Static Electricity Liquid——Detergent Tetrahydrofuran Cyclopentane N-pentane Methyl acetate Methanol Formula Butanediol Explosive Solvents …,

Some Other Liquid——Acrylic Acid Diether Silane Phenol Paint Paste Solvent Conductive Oil Hot Glue Cool Glue Lactic Acid Alcohol Ethanol Diluent Crude Oil Flavour/Perfume Fragrance Spice/ Essence Phosphoric Acid Gear Oil Epoxy Resin Edible Oil Polyurethane Corn Oil Dyeing Auxiliaries…

GSS will 100% support your business by providing whole liquid filling equipment. Get a free quote now.

gss 0 2500l liquid filling machine manufacturer
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0-2500L Liquid Filling Machine & Line

The system adopts a programmable PLC control system, English guide operation, and reliable performance. Automatic conveying, automatic positioning, automatic filling, automatic capping, automatic labeling, spraying and scanning. The whole industrial production of the filling nozzle prevents dripping and spatter, quick connection, easy to disassemble and wash. The target value of the system can be set freely and the height of the filling nozzle can be adjusted.

GSS®-Customized Solutions Expert

Our company can customize the design and manufacture of suitable 0-2500L liquid filling machines according to customer needs, which are economical, cost-effective, and maximum full automation for choice.


Simple Semiautomatic

Up to 50 Drums/Hour
Up to 10 IBC/Hour
Up to 100 Jerrycans/Hour



Up to 60 Drums/Hour
Up to 12 IBC/Hour
Up to 150 Jerrycans/Hour


Full Automatic

Up to 100 Drums/Hour
Up to 15 IBC/Hour
Up to 800 Jerrycans/Hour

0-10L Series Machine/Line

10-30L Series Machine/Line

100-300L Series Machine/Line

1000L Series Machine/Line

GSS Lquid Filling Machine 10 Industry-leading Features


Full English color page display::

GSS filling machine operator panel display


One-piece explosion-proof cabinet::

GSS filling machine operator panel


Non-drip irrigation nozzle::

Non-drip irrigation nozzle


Weighing platform drum automatic braking::

Weighing platform drum automatic braking


Industrial Control machine::

Industrial Control machine


English interface::

English interface


Measuring and controlling valves group::

Measuring and controlling valves group


Electrostatic grounding::

Electrostatic grounding


Nitrogen filling::

nitrogen filling


Filling line::

GSS liquid filling machine container/line

0-2500L Filling | Choose Your Suitable Container Type

Our company GSS® is committed to designing and manufacturing the 0-2500L liquid filling machine for your filling process, your container and your products.

Many kinds of plastic & metal Pail, Bucket, Carboys, Jerry can, Cans, Barrel, Drum, IBC Tank container types for your choice.

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Request A Quick Quote

Fill in the contact form or contact us via WhatsApp/WeChat:+86 180 1560 6579 or Email:Info@gssmachine.com

We would be pleased to help you!

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