Why did Changchun Chemical Company choose our 200L liquid filling machine filling resin?

drum filling machine

The 4*drums 50-gallon liquid filling machine has been put into production in Changchun Chemical Company

All the control parts of our 200 L liquid filling machine are made of imported materials, such as pneumatic ball valve purchasing platform Dongyu brand, control panel switch using French Schneider, etc., in particular, the fragile parts, using aluminum alloy materials, 7-inch large LCD full Chinese display; large explosion-proof box class EXD II BT5, integral cast aluminum explosion-proof box, all electrical control components are placed in an explosion-proof box, make sure the performance is reliable.

Intelligent 4*200L liquid filling machine features:

Four barrels filling: four barrels can be placed on the pallet at the same time, manual alignment barrels after filling one by one, eliminating the trouble of stacking pallets after a single barrel filling;

Explosion-proof design: the whole system adopts explosion-proof standard manufacture;

Anti-splash filling: the filling gun adopts insert-type filling to avoid material splashing on the barrel, affecting the outer packing;

Accurate filling: the system uses three-stage automatic filling of large, medium and small materials to improve the accuracy;

NET weight filling: each time when filling starts, the system will automatically perform the be function to clear the weight on the platform;

Sequential filling: after the filling value of a single barrel arrives, the filling gun will be automatically lifted and wait for the next start;

Emergency stop: In Case of emergency pressing the emergency stop button can be lifted this filling;

Anti-gawking design: when the filling gun is not inserted in the barrel but is pushed out of the barrel mouth, the filling gun is automatically lifted, and the filling is not carried out;

Anti-leakage design: Unique anti-drip device to prevent material from dripping on the bt;

Labor-saving design: after filling, only need to manually push the whole pallets out of the weighing table;

One-click operation: Set It to a single-click operation: set the filling gun to descend — automatic peeling off — starting filling completes lifting of the filling gun.

We will continue to update and improve the product function in future production, and continue to improve production efficiency and operational stability factor. Good service to each customer, this is the goal of our GSS.

GSS liquid filling machine is a kind of automatic weighing and packing equipment for liquid material in the chemical industry, grain industry, etc. . The automatic filling and filling operation of the raw material barrel is controlled by adopting the high-precision full-electronic weighing type, which has a high degree of automation and can avoid the overflow of materials as far as possible and prevent the pollution of the materials themselves to the environment, thus, the system can be used in damp, dangerous or another bad environment for effective labor protection of the operator.


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