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Our goal is to provide a superior liquid filling machine for your specific needs and products. With our design and manufacturing expertise, we ensure that your liquid filling process runs smoothly and efficiently. Trust us to deliver the perfect solution for your business.


Chemical additives, chemical reagents, adhesive catalysts, inks, pesticides, daily chemicals,dyes, paints, pigments, spices, fragrances…


Petroleum and products: Bitumen crude oil, fuel oil, lubricating grease, solvent oil, petroleum coke, paraffin wax, asphalt, finished oil…

Food Industry

Water, honey, milk derivates products,  edible oil, wine, beer, juices, edible essence, spices, flavors, food additives…

At GSS®, we understand that every liquid product has unique filling requirements based on its properties such as viscosity, density, filling temperature, and container capacity. That’s why we tailor our filling equipment to meet the specific needs of each customer, ensuring optimum safety and productivity. Our team of experts studies, plans, and prepares personalized projects, maximizing productivity while maintaining safety standards. Trust us to provide the perfect filling solutions for your liquid products.

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